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We provide high-quality architecture services.
Our team offers unique and stylish architecture solutions.

Granite International Ltd

Architecture is a process of discovery, and creation. Granite International Ltd apply there years of experience, values and high standards of design to produce quality work using sustainable materials. Our team of expert architects alongside our growing network of international consultants approach each individual project with both an open mind and enthusiasm.

Granite International Ltd connect people both visually and spatially to nature, which creates a unique sense of belonging that our sustainable design techniques compliments. Our new builds embrace the feel and look of the natural landscape to bring a touch of the outside inside. Each building is designed specifically to be orientated to invite the natural light of the area into the property.

4 steps to a new home

How we
Do It

Meet and define goals

The first thing we do is meeting with our clients and talk through their goals on a future project. During this meeting, feel free to communicate your ideas and ask lots of questions.

This stage is highly decisive as you can evaluate the work of your potential architect by browsing their portfolio. As a client, you may also assess whether the architect listens to your needs and confirms that he or she understands them.

Working on the Concept

The next step of our cooperation lies in developing the concept of your future home. It helps us define every single factor that makes the construction process of your home successful.

Our team of designers and architects has to plan every single step of the project to make sure that the final result will meet not only your requirements but also international construction and safety standards. This is when monitoring & control begin.

Building Your Home

There’s no doubt that the most important and responsible part of building a home is its construction process. As we work with reliable contractors, a great result is guaranteed.

This stage is one of the most complex ones as it includes a variety of tasks that must be controlled - from preparing the construction site to installing insulation and completing drywall as well as working on exterior.

Completing a project

When the project gets to its final stage, our quality control team conducts the final check of the building to make sure everything has been carried out the proper way.

Our employees will also make sure that all interior elements & fixtures are correctly installed during this final step. After everything is completed, we invite our client to assess the final result and experience the quality performance of our project.


Below you can take a look at our featured and recent projects that have been numerously awarded for our unique architectural approach.

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